Terms and Conditions

We have a simply philosophy when fitting worktops, if we wouldn’t have it in out kitchens we wouldn’t expect you to have it in yours. The terms and conditions here are simple and are here to protect you as well as ourselves.

If you have any questions or are unsure about any part of these simple terms, please contact us with your comments.

Terms and conditions

1. The term “us”, “we” or “GF” means Granite fitters or any authorised representative of Granite Fitters.co.uk  who are selling the product and/or service.

2. The term “you” means the buyer of any product and/or service.

3. By submitting details On the website or  a Email  request for a quote means that you have read, understood and agree with the terms and conditions set out here and our privacy policy .<link>

4. All quotes are valid for 15 days only due to the varying cost of materials beyond our control. If you request a quote for work which is to be actioned 15 days or more after the quote date we will try and keep as close to this quote as possible. If in the rare instance that the price may have fallen or risen we will inform you of this at the time you ask for work to commence.

5. For cancellations we ask that 72 hours notice is given by email and or phone call. If we have arrived on site to template for the worktops and you cancel after this time, or we have already purchased the granite you will be liable for the cost to that point (purchasing of materials, travelling time, etc).

6. All work is to be paid for in full upon completion. Payment terms are credit or debit card (2.5% charge for credit cards) or cash. Payment is to be made in full upon completion of the work. We reserve the right to ask for a deposit in some instances where granite has been specially ordered or pre-cut.

Please note that we cannot take AMEX as a form of payment.

7. All granite worktops, splash backs and such like are the property and remain the property of GF until all invoices are settled. GF reserve the rights to remove such property in the rare event that funds do not clear etc. Where you have supplied the granite and payment is not possible on your part we reserve the right to undo the works we have undertaken and replace your worktops to the place we found them (normally outside).

8. GF reserve the right to add joints where we feel necessary into spans of worktops where the health and safety of our workforce & you may be at risk. We also may need to add joints to spans to gain access into your property. If you know that the access to your property is limited it is your responsibility to inform us at the time of requesting a quote or advising of work to commence. In the instance that there is no access to property with the granite we will be forced to recover the costs incurred to that time (purchasing of materials, travelling time etc).

9. For work where you have supplied the worktops it is your responsibility to have first checked the granite for scratches, imperfections and such like. We cannot be held responsible for any of your granite which has these imperfections. If we arrive onsite and find that the granite has these imperfections, we will advise you on the best course of action. If the granite is in such a state that it cannot be fitted there will be  standard call out charges of £250under 100miles  £400 over 100 miles from our address

10. In some instances your walls may be out of square or not run true (have a kink in the wall etc). In this instance it may be necessary to remove small amounts of plaster form the wall so that there are no gaps between the granite and the wall, this is quite normal. It will be your responsibility to fill in the wall with a suitable filling material.

11. It is the customers responsibility to make sure the units which the worktops are being fitted to are level, fixed to each other and fixed to the wall. If we have to make any major adjustments to these or wait for long periods whilst these are being adjusted, there may be a charge of between  £100- £400. .